Choosing a photographer is a pretty big deal- especially when it's for boudoir & glamour. Finding the right boudoir photographer is like finding the perfect pair of stilettos! They need to be a fit perfect as well as make you feel comfortable and gorgeous. Boudoir & glam photography is not just taking photos, but it's the passion and connection that lies behind it that makes the photo beautiful. 

When you contact me, all I ask is that you invest some time and trust in me and my passion. While I love to laugh and am laid back, I take great pride in the work I produce and have spent a lot of time perfecting it. I will do everything I can to make you feel comfortable (which takes about 5 minutes!) and make it as easy as I can. I won't have you compromise your values and make you do something you are not ok with. Or make you look anything that you are not. You are beautiful the way you are- I just want to enhance it!

I am fortunate to work with several incredible makeup artists from the Portland area. Your boudoir session is the perfect opportunity to experience the very best in professional makeup and hair styling. Who doesn't want to get pampered? After, we go thru the outfits you bring and match up the best ones with the look we want to achieve. Then the fun begins! I take about 5 minutes of "getting to know each other" photos- to make sure you get all your nerves out as I click the camera. I will guide you thru all the poses and tell you what to do! The session lasts roughly an hour and a half. After the session, we debrief about what happens next. I will pick up to 40 of my favorite images, hand edit them and then send you a private gallery about 2 weeks later to view the images.

My print products are priced according to the time put in creating your stills. I regularly have clients say "that's it? wow, that was easy" at the end of every session. I want you now to go out and enjoy the rest of your day being all done up! After you leave that's when my work starts! I sort, file and hand edit every image that I send in your gallery. My style is very natural. Every woman is different. I edit accordingly and add my special touch to each and every one. I love every step of this process, and I know my time and experience is worth a lot. In essence, you are hiring me not only to photograph you but to stylize and personalize your session that will last forever. Visit the Investment page for a full run down of products!

Want a visual of what happens? Send me an email [revealstills@gmail.com] and you will receive more information!